The Federal Government announced on last August 09th, the first public consultation of “port leasing” regarding Santos (SP) and Pará operations. It is the first “package” of leases after Law 12.815/2013, the new Ports Law.

The consultation will be published in the Official Gazette on August 12nd and will end up on September 06th. The publication of the notice should happen on October 25th. The auction of the areas is expected to take place on November 25th.

To the Port of Santos, is planned an investment of R$ 1.39 billion. In 2012, the port handled about 105 million tons. The expectation is that this number will reach 132 million tons in five years.

According to the Federal Government, the choice of the ports of Santos and Para for the first block was due to strategic issues. In case of Santos, it is the largest port in Latin America. As for the Pará, it is part of the strategic action of the Federal Government to direct loads to ports of “arc north” (as the North part of Brazil is called), in line with the ongoing investment and new concessions of highways and railroads, creating a new alternative competitive logistics for the country.