On June 26th, 2018 was published a Presidential Decree No. 9,422 / 2018, which promulgated a Social Security Agreement between the Federative Republic of Brazil and the United States of America signed in the year 2015.

As of the date of this Agreement, Brazilian workers residing in the United States and North Americans living in Brazil may add the periods of contribution to the Social Security of these countries to achieve the minimum time necessary to obtain retirement by age and disability and also pension death, in addition to avoiding double taxation in case of temporary displacement, subject to certain conditions.

Brazil already has the following bilateral agreements in force: Germany, Belgium, Cape Verde, Canada, Chile, South Korea, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Portugal and Quebec.

Multilateral agreements with “Mercosur” countries (Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay) and countries of the Ibero-American peninsula (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Ecuador, Spain, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal and Uruguay) are established.